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Run Extract-Load jobs

fal makes it easy to run EL jobs on your data pipelines. Two common types of EL pipeline providers are supported: Airbyte and Fivetran. More providers will be available in near future.

In order to run EL jobs, you first need to setup EL configurations in profiles.yml.

Here's how you trigger an Airbyte job:

el.airbyte_sync(config_name="my_airbyte_el", connection_name="airbyte_connection_1")

where el is a module that's available in your fal scripts, config_name is the name of the configuration tag that you set in profiles.yml, and connection_name is the name of the individual Airbyte connection that you want to sync.

Similarly, this is how you run a Fivetran job:

el.fivetran_sync(config_name="my_fivetran_el", connector_name="fivetran_connector_1")

For more information on these functions see here.