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Importing fal as a Python package

You may be interested in accessing dbt models and sources easily from a Python script. For that, just use the fal package and intantiate a FalDbt project:

from fal import FalDbt
faldbt = FalDbt(profiles_dir="~/.dbt", project_dir="../my_project")

# [['results', 'ticket_data_sentiment_analysis']]

# {
# 'zendesk_ticket_metrics': <RunStatus.Success: 'success'>,
# 'stg_o3values': <RunStatus.Success: 'success'>,
# 'stg_zendesk_ticket_data': <RunStatus.Success: 'success'>,
# 'stg_counties': <RunStatus.Success: 'success'>
# }

sentiments = faldbt.source('results', 'ticket_data_sentiment_analysis')
# pandas.DataFrame
tickets = faldbt.ref('stg_zendesk_ticket_data')
# pandas.DataFrame

Check out the FalDbt class explanation in the reference section.