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Environment management with dbt-fal

Our recommended way of using dbt-fal is to use named environments. They help you define reusable Python environments that are automatically managed by dbt-fal. You can use them by creating a fal_project.yml file in the same folder as your dbt project, and then use these environments in any Python model.

In your dbt project folder:

$ touch fal_project.yml

# Paste the config below
- name: ml
type: venv
- prophet

and then in your dbt model:

$ vi models/

def model(dbt, fal):
dbt.config(fal_environment="ml") # Add this line

df: pd.DataFrame = dbt.ref("orders_daily")

The dbt.config(fal_environment=“ml”) will give you an isolated clean env to run things in, so you dont pollute your package space.