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Picking the right fal version

If you are starting a new project, we'd recommend you to use the latest fal version in order to gain access to all the features fal is offering. In the case of adoption to an existing project, you can use the tables below for picking the right version that would work best for your environment

fal & dbt matrix

fal versionSupported dbt version
0.4.0>=1.0.X, 1.1.X
0.3.6\<=0.20.X, 0.21.X, 1.0.X, 1.1.X

fal & dbt adapter matrix

fal versionSupported dbt adaptersNotes
0.3.6>=Postgres, BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, DuckDBdbt-bigquery\<=1.1 support is added (#443)
0.3.1>=Postgres, BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, DuckDB
0.3.0\<=Postgres, BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift


From after scripts to post-hooks

With the 0.4.0 release, fal will start showing deprecation warnings for after scripts when using fal flow run. The easiest way forward is migrating them to post-hooks, and in general the migration is seamless. But if any of the scripts you have is using write_to_source or write_to_model functions, we'd recommend promoting them to individual "Python models".