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Selecting Machine Types

With fal Cloud, you can choose different sizes of machines to run each of your models. You are charged only for what you use.

To use different types of machines:

$ vi models/

def model(dbt, fal):
dbt.config(fal_environment="ml", fal_machine="GPU") # Add this line

df: pd.DataFrame = dbt.ref("orders_daily")

The following options are available for the fal_machine argument:

XS0.25 CPU cores, 256 mb RAM (default)
S0.50 CPU cores, 1 gb RAM
M2 CPU cores, 8 gb RAM
L4 CPU cores, 32 gb RAM
XL8 CPU cores, 128 gb RAM
GPU8 CPU cores, 64 gb RAM, 1 GPU core (a100, 40 gb)