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Jupyter (.ipynb) helpers

init_fal magic command

In order to access fal functions such as ref and write_to_model from within notebook runtime, you can use the init_fal magic command.

First, you need to import init_fal within a Python cell:

from faldbt.magics import init_fal

Now, you can initialize fal in your notebook:

%init_fal project_dir=project_dir profiles_dir=profiles_dir default_model_name=my_model

init_fal requires three inline arguments:

  • project_dir: path to the dbt project directory
  • profiles_dir: path to the dbt profiles directory
  • default_model_name: the model name that will be used in write_to_model, applies only in notebook runtime.

Once executed, you can use fal functions in your notebook's Python cells:

my_df = ref('some_model')

# We made some predictions and stored them in `my_predictions`